Working with Lauren from namARTste was simply inspiring and amazing. Her professionalism and positive attitude is something that we enjoyed having as there is never a NO from her as she always have an alternative solution. We hope to be able to work with her again in the near future.
— Jean HO, PR and Communications Manager at LUX* South Ari Atol Resort, Maldives

namARTste has a unique gift of being able to assist in helping you find your inner passion and truth. It is with their assistance and creativity that new ideas and visions are born, working closely side by side unravelling your deepest dreams that you didn’t realise existed. Lauren has guided me with love passion and assistance in self realisation towards my dreams and true path. I recommend anyone unsure of their vision or even those with a plan to co-create with Lauren and namARTste.
— Kimberly Utama, Yoga Teacher, Ubud Bali

I feel very blessed to have met Lauren and booked in for private meditation and spiritual guidance workshops with her. Her wisdom and presence has had such a profound positive impact on my life. Lauren has a wonderful knowledge about how yoga and mediation can positively influence your life and she was always thoroughly prepared for each of our sessions. Lauren’s genuine warm presence makes sessions comfortable and non-judgmental. Thank you Lauren, I am so grateful for your assistance on my spiritual journey!
— Claire Waldron, Primary School Teacher, Melbourne, Australia

Every time I attend a namARTste workshop I leave feeling completely transformed.
 I will always treasure the finished works I got to take home with me; they are a lovely reminder of how important it is to be open and connect with each other and ourselves, and how wonderful it is when we allow ourselves the space and freedom to be creative.
— Jess Beveridge, Creative Entrepreneur and Music Teacher, Perth, Australia

This process was truly innocent and inspiring. It made me reconnect with someone I had lost touch with. Thank you for your time and care.
— Ollie Thomas, London, England

It has been an absolute pleasure working in collaboration with namARTste. I have helped run a couple of dreamcatcher & yoga workshops with Lauren and it has been such a delightful experience. I have never enjoyed teaching a dreamcatcher class as much as I have with namARTste - it feels so natural to begin a creative process by entering into a state of deep calm through yogic practice. It is such a beautiful and unique idea to combine art and yoga/meditation, and one that everyone can benefit from!

Lauren has such a positive and encouraging perspective on the creative process, and creates a space where people in the class feel totally free to be themselves and allow their artistic process to happen organically. She encourages class participants to reflect on their own unique creative processes, fostering a beautiful fusion of art and mindfulness that deepens one’s experience of creativity.

The combination of yoga and artmaking is extremely enjoyable and so good for the soul! I believe that the best way to create art is in a conscious, reflective yet light-hearted manner, and namARTste workshops allow you to do so, and ultimately gain the most from the creative process. I am very much looking forward to collaborating with namARTste in the future.’
— Gaia, Lyrebird Crafts, Melbourne, Australia

Firstly I discovered new muscles in my body. I don’t think of myself as a very creative person but I discovered that I haven’t given myself the chance to try things. I am actually very happy with the piece of art I made in the workshop. Thank you very much for teaching me that imperfection is ok and that nothing lasts forever.
— Joelle Valloo, Spa Manager at LUX* Belle Mare, Mauritius

Thank you namARTtse for your warmth and energy. This session was a new experience for me. I could hear my feelings, myself and my soul, at the same time my body was relaxed in positions that felt so good. The art of freehand drawing gave me freedom, my mind could fly. I don’t want to come back from this space, I want to continue to feel this warm river inside me. Thank you so much!
— Elena Agafonova, Russia

Thank you very much namARTste for this wonderful trip into the inner self. Being able to relax and stretch at the same time was a great experience. Really easy to follow instructions even for non-native english speakers.
— Jessica Singer, Switzerland

GREAT EXPERINECE! Another view about what Perfection really is and the beauty of imperfection. Made me open my eyes to seeing things without judgement. Thank you namARTste!
— Bruno Hernandes, Brazil

THANK YOU! The whole process reminded me to let go, give in and find the beauty in everything.
A beautiful end to our holiday, leaving with the beautiful energy you have passed on-real warmth.
— Kate Freer, London, England
Much more than Yoga and Art. A peaceful, positive, surprising and supportive (and very enjoyable few hours!) Lauren is calm and generous with her thoughts and time. Highly recommended.
— Millie, London, UK

Thank you! had so much fun! going to start a creative adventure I’ve been dreaming about for ages!
— Estelle Ihász, Yoga teacher, freelance creative & writer, Melbourne, Australia.