Creativity is innate

We create by becoming still, by listening to the    whispering of desire and inspiration, by having the courage to respond to that call. Creativity leads to innovation. It is our most valuable skill to access our full human potential.

Creativity is vital to living a wholehearted and connected life.



                 Conscious creativity

Creativity is an innate human quality which can be cultivated.

When we create the ideal conditions
for the nervous system to rest and restore,
we are able to tap into our limitless source  of innovative potential

When the process of creativity becomes conscious,
we are limitless.


process over product

Engaging with the process of creativity rather than focusing on a finished product invites us to experience with genuine curiosity and unpack what we find along the way. 

Often the end product is different to what we first envisioned. The process ignites passion, drive, creates vision and elicits new acheivable pathways. We are no longer bound by the same limiting beliefs or patterns as when we began, the experience has transformed us. Through the guidance of our teachers and the namARTste Process we are transformed.