Lucy (Yu) Lawes is a Melbourne-based illustrative artist, whose work brings together elements of nature and expressions of beauty, often with an air of surrealism. She has exhibited in New Zealand, Australia and the USA, and continues to explore collaborative and commissioned projects.

Alongside creative endeavours, she is also a yoga teacher, and an advocate for mindful living and finding joy in life’s simple moments.



Meet Lucy
Teacher and facilitator

"Yoga is transformational; it empowers us to shape the way we perceive the world, and allows us to peer into our own hearts.

It was during a time of injury and loss that yoga became my greatest teacher. Through the journey inward I learnt the importance of making space. Space allows refuge for uncomfortable sensations, to hold our own hearts as gently as we would others', and to trust intuition as we tread into the unknown. In my experience, it is opening our arms to embrace all of the light and shadow within ourselves that leads to gratitude, compassion, and joy.

In teaching through the union of art and yoga, it is my utmost wish to bring your awareness to the beautiful, intricate sensations we often miss. These are seeds that nurture our creativity, and colour our experience of true aliveness. Just as art helps us make sense of the world through lines, shapes and space, moving through yoga asana with mindfulness in breath allows us to feel into the nuances of sensation, and appreciate the power of being fully present in body and mind. Each breath has its own shape, texture, emotion; each breath is an invitation to connect to ourselves, and to come back home."