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From Workplace to Playspace: Where Big Ideas are Born

Having a play mindset is the missing puzzle piece to every great discovery and invention. When we were kids we were inspired, happy and whole. Play came naturally. We didn’t need a reason to use our imagination. As we grow older, play gets a bad rep – seen as immature, frivolous and ridiculous. Play creates ridiculous ideas and big innovation lives right on the edge of ridiculous.

Play Expert Dara Simkin will lead you on a journey through the process of creativity, exploring the principles of creation and destruction/failure as part of the creative process. Insights include beliefs around productivity, attachment to outcome, ownership and the joy of creation. Explore conscious creativity with Lauren Howard-Tripp of NamArtSte, who'll encourage you to engage with your creativity as a process rather than focusing on a finished product. You'll learn how to approach the creative process from a place of genuine curiosity and unpack what you find along the way.

We invite you to take an extended lunch break and come play with us at the Work-Shop-Melbourne Space

Can't make it along, but totally picking up what we're putting down?

Why not check out Project Play's Immersion Program happening March 17-19 at Airey's Inlet
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