Featured on: The Sexy Love Project Podcast


"Which authors, artists, and musicians inspire you? Friends, entrepreneurs, actors? Lauren Howard-Tripp, entrepreneur, yoga teacher and founder of NamARTste, talks to us about how to access your full power, inspiration, creativity, and confidence through smart archetypes and ancient goddesses. Lauren has geeked out on the Goddesses for a number of years and will share with use who they are and how to utilise them in your everyday life."
-Caitlyn Cook, The Sexy Love Project

Honoured to be featured on Episode 5 of 'The Sexy Love Project Podcast' discussing The Archetypes of the Goddesses of Yoga.
This Podcast series explores how to feel more alive in your body, bedroom and life with Caitlin Cook, creator of The Sexy Love Project.

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You can find out more about Caitlin and Listen to the Podcast below:

Lauren Howard-Tripp