Why is Creativity Important?


People often ask me, "What is it you do? Why is creativity so important?"

It's one of those words which we know on some level is absolutely vital to expressing ourselves to our fullest potential, yet it's also a word which we tuck way into the realm of " the arts" and reserve it for those artisticly-skilled few. 

The truth is though, that creativity is far more than artistic talent, skill or even passion. The Arts is just one of the ways in which to actively engage with creativity but in essence, creativity is the energy of life, the basis of the universe. It's how we've come to evolve as a species, it's how we individually express ourselves everyday in the smallest of moments, from the clothes we decide to wear, the conversations we have, the connections we make, to the way in which we present a meal for a friend. It's the driving force of taking that first step towards that which calls to us, that which terrifies and excites you at the same time. It's the way we interact with one another, the way we choose to live our lives. It's the entire feminine principle of expression and form - within the masculine principle of awareness. 

The more I sit with creativity, the more ambiguous it becomes. It's difficult to pin point it as any one thing because it seems to me, that it is in fact everything. 


It seems unnecessary to explicitly answer "Why creativity is important?" but rather to pose a few questions to you. 

Find some quiet space with a pen and paper/journal and a cup of something warm and nourishing. 

1. How do you define Creativity?

2. Where do you feel creativity shows up in your life?

3. Is there a time you remember when you felt the most creative? how did that feel? What were you doing?

4.. When was the last time you saw a creative project to fruition? 

5. Were there any fears, doubts, obstacles or beliefs which arose while moving through the process of creation?

6. Why do you think it may be important to move through this process and unpack what arrises?

7. How do you think you can move through these blocks, fears, limiting beliefs so that you can create from a place of personal power and joy, so that you can trust the process of creativity?

Take a few moments in meditation, then read through your answers. Is there anything that surprises you about your answers? 

Why do you think creativity is Important?

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Lauren Howard-Tripp