A Home Practice :: Closed-Eye Drawing

We just wrapped up our final workshop for 2016 with our Art & Yoga Series: Creative Journaling led by Lucy at the Work-shop Melbourne space in Fitzroy.

It has been an exceptional year for us. From the moment we launched in February the Melbourne community has embraced us. We have continually grown along side you, questioning and exploring as we co-create this beautiful exploration of the union of the Arts & Yoga.

It is because of you that we can share what we are most passionate about. So we extend a massive virtual hug and our gratitude to the community, we love you so much!

We have some pretty special announcements coming in the next month. If you aren't already signed up to our Newsletter pop into our homepage to sign up to stay in the loop. We can't wait to share!

Here is our little GIFT to you- A little at-home practice that you can try in your Journals. 

Perhaps after a home yoga practice with a glass of your favourite summer smoothie. (If you don't have one there is a recipe below for a Mango green tea smoothie- it's delish!)


 Closed-Eye Drawing

Smoothie (optional)

With your journal in front of you and your pencil in your hand, find a comfortable position and close down your eyes. 
Begin by noticing the breath, how is the breath moving through your body? Is it getting stuck anywhere? Are you able to soften into these places with gentle surrender?
Feel the weight of the pencil in your hand, notice the texture, is it soft or hard, cold or warm, smooth or rough?
Bring the pencil to your page and begin to draw from your memory/imagination. There is no ideal and no perfection seeking here, simply explore the way the pencil feels as you begin to make marks on your page. If an object or image begins to emerge allow it to do so letting go of the idea of perfection.
Allow this drawing to be an exploration rather than a product. Feel the vibrations from the pencil as you draw, feel these vibrations in your finger tips, palm, wrist, forearm, how far do these vibrations go?
When you feel finished with this exploration. Pause, take a moment to reconnect with your breath. Feel into the body. How do you feel? More or less calm, more or less stressed than when you began?
Take a full inhale into the belly, fill up the chest. Pause. Release with a sigh. Perhaps do this two or three times. 

When you're ready gently open your eyes and smile at inspiration and what has flowed through you. (Take a long sip of your smoothie) 

Benefits – Amongst a great multitude of others- benefits include exploring beyond the ‘should’ and the obvious path. What else can you do that might make a difference / shed new light on the same thing? This can be a practice of meditation, and a form of physically shifting mindset. The events we encounter are neutral - neither good or bad - it is our thinking that makes it so.

Journaling is a way to process the mixed bag of emotions, thoughts and memories that accumulate in our minds each day - the cocktail that intoxicates our bodies. By bringing clarity to what it is that we are focused on, and recognizing our subconscious tendencies or intentions in a given moment/day, we can break the loop of habitual patterning, and guide ourselves back towards our center. 

Enjoy xo

Much love and blessings for the Holiday Season and the New Year.