The Shadow Side of Creativity

I recently returned from Bali where I was teaching a most delicious yoga retreat of stand-up-paddle board and Restorative yoga. Needless to say it was complete bliss and I am both honored and humbled to have been given the opportunity to share and hold space for these open hearted, self-aware beings.

Before embarking on the retreat I took three days to immerse myself in solitary 'creative retreat'. It was myself, the rice paddies, a yoga mat and a torrent of creativity...or was it?

Fear shows up in many forms. It can show up as procrastination,
"Surely if I just do a few emails and go for a swim I'll be better able to get (insert: wonderful creative project) done."
"I'm not procrastinating, I'm researching." 
Fear also shows up as resistance or guilt. "I really need to be working on (insert: fantastical website) or spending some time with (Insert: steamy Italian lover)"
Another familiar (and favourite) face of fear is perfectionism.
"It's just not ready to be shown to the world yet" 

I caught myself saying and doing all of the above and quickly recognised these avoidance tactics as a familiar friend- FEAR. 

This begun a delicious new exploration into FEAR and how to move beyond it and into creating from the heart. How do we move beyond these blocks? How do we use these blocks to empower ourselves?

We will be exploring this deeply over the next few months through workshops and talks.
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Lauren Howard-Tripp