Our Logo was designed by Lucy Yu, teacher with NamARTste and  local Melbourne Artist, Web Designer and Illustrator. Click on the link below for more information and inspiration from Lucy. 


Our Logo

The human eye is naturally drawn toward the aesthetic. We have an innate desire to capture and explore the impermanent essence of our existence.

We have a need to create beauty, to observe beauty, to destroy beauty.

This duality which exists between creation and destruction, Shiva and Shakti, light and dark, masculine and feminine, is represented in the NamARTste logo. The Triangles represent duality, the diamond in the center represents the balance between this opposing spectrum. The circles of paint encircling this point of balance is inspired by the concept from sacred geometry representing the inner source and external reality. The flowers allude to the impermanent nature of our lives and the beauty which exists, in essence, because of this continual ‘fading away’