We Believe

that creativity is essential to living a wholehearted and connected life.  Our ability to engage with our creativity is often blocked by subconscious fear or limiting beliefs.

The union of these modalities allows for presence through process. Through the wholistic practice of yoga we awaken to our unlimited potential and connect with our natural state of flow. Through the arts we are able to explore the process of creativity with awareness and authenticity.


Process over Product

Engaging with our creativity as a process rather than focusing on a finished product invites us to explore without expectation. 
We come from a place of genuine curiosity and unpack what we find along the way. 
Often the end product is different to what we first envisioned. Whatever the outcome, the experience has moved and challenged us. We are no longer the same person who began. 
We believe that through the guidance of our teachers and this unique union of YOGA AND ART we are transformed. 
We are the art