Lauren Howard-Tripp is a Yoga, Meditation and art teacher with over eight years of experience worldwide. She's a Deeksha practitioner and has studied various forms of Meditation including Mindfulness, Chakra and Vedic meditation.  Lauren's dharma (calling) is to explore the transformative power of creativity through the boundaries between art and yoga (eight limbed path) to awaken and connect others with their innate creative intelligence.  


Meet Lauren
Owner, Founder & Teacher

"Make time for your creativity in any way you can, get carried away, get excited about it."

"I recognised a desire in myself and others to create but noticed that this was often blocked by fear or self-doubt/worth. I decided to begin the journey towards fear, to hold FEAR in the palm of my hands and kiss it HARD
Through the union of the Arts and Yoga, I began to explore the ways in which to move through and beyond these blockages in order to express and reconnect with creativity from a place of personal strength and power.

Our lives have a way of showing up for us on the yoga mat, the past and the stories we tell become not only who we are but are stored in the body as our biological makeup. Yoga's eight limbed path were created as threads (sutras) interwoven together to help us gather all the parts of ourselves, mind, body and spirit in union. 
Creativity asks us to be vulnerable, to be show up and be seen. The opposite of vulnerability is fear.  It became clear how vital it is that we tune into this source of inspiration and personal power. That we create intentionally, not just to make art but in order to live our most authentic lives as the dynamic individuals we are.

The union of these modalities provides a gateway to see the Self reflected from the mat, to connect with courage, to find strength within vulnerability, to find presence in process, to become the silent observer as we unfold before ourselves and awaken to our divine essence and unlimited potential."